Delivered over two 90 minute sessions, an informative and experiential introductory programme offering an opportunity to find what wellness, resilience and mindfulness are and what they are not. In addition, you will learn about the science behind it, which shows why mindfulness works and how it leads to increased wellness, resilience and peak performance.

The Health and Wellbeing Programme...

It is so important that we invest in our health and wellbeing to ensure that we live life to the full and are healthy and happy.

How we treat our bodies and how we think and feel about ourselves and the world around us plays a major part in how we perform not only in our professional lives but our personal lives too.

Every year, absence due to short and long-term sickness impacts on the economy and business, and yet, there is so much that can be done to reduce this.

The BDC Centre of Excellence has partnered with health professionals to introduce a Health and Wellbeing programme which is tailored to meet individual needs.

To launch the Programme we are offering a series of workshops to cover nutrition and a healthy and positive mindset.

It’s really easy to book onto the workshops. You can book via Eventbrite or by calling the Centre Team on 0151 486 3647 orl 07837 946128.